Subsea Works combine highly experienced and capable personnel with industry leading equipment to meet the requirements of our clients from small to large scale projects across the commercial, industrial, scientific, mining and energy sectors.


Subsea Works are proud of our highly skilled and knowledgeable work force. From our dedicated and committed management team to our expert and hard working staff, our specially trained personnel are an asset to our business and a benefit to our valued clients.

After decades in the industry we have built up an enviable team of the most experienced divers and supervisors with valuable experience in onshore, inshore and offshore operations accustomed to strong currents, zero visibility and deep depths.

Our ability to provide such a professional team on our projects results in the work scope being completed safely, efficiently and to a high standard saving our valued clients time, money and adverse risks.

We dedicate specific individuals to each particular project dependant on the skills and qualifications required which includes:

ADAS certified Part 3 & 4 divers and Onshore & Offshore supervisors

CSWIP certified 3.1U, 3.2U & 3.4U inspection divers and 3.3U ROV inspection pilots

Trade qualified boilermakers with Lloyds underwater welding certification

Underwater oxy-cutting experts with extensive experience

High Risk Work Licence personnel including riggers, scaffolders and crane drivers

Trade qualified builders and carpenters

Qualified marine crew of vessel masters, engineers and deckhands

We continually strive to keep our high standards of safety, efficiency and quality intact. We aim to be the preferred supplier for the marine construction industry and are committed to building long term relationships with our valued clients and remaining a trusted business partner.