Subsea Works has an extensive inventory of high end specialised equipment designed with mobility and efficiency in mind, which is strictly serviced, maintained and tested in accordance with recognised Australian and international standards.

Subsea Works firmly believe in using the right tool for the job and this is especially the case when it comes to working underwater. We pride ourselves on utilising only the leading brands and equipment to ensure that all of our work scopes are completed safely, efficiently and properly.

Our surface supplied diving systems contain levels of redundancy in breathing air and communications in order to maximise diver safety. We have a range of dedicated subsea equipment at our disposal which can be easily mobilised throughout Australia and the South Pacific region including:

Mobile and containerised diving spreads compliant with AS/NZS 2299

Industry leading Kirby Morgan diving helmets and bandmasks

Kirby Morgan and Amron dive control and communications panels

Underwater welding and Broco oxy-cutting spread

Subsea dredging and airlifting spread

Hydraulic and pneumatic tooling for underwater and marine use

Underwater and surface NDT equipment

Dedicated contaminated and potable water diving spreads

Underwater video and digital still photography equipment

HP and LP breathing air compressors purity tested to Australian Standards

Medical first aid and emergency oxygen kits

In addition to the above, Subsea Works has access to a large range of marine vessels and associated plant including work boats, tug boats, barges, mobile pontoons, cranes, elevated work platforms, pylon access platforms, generators and compressors which can be integrated with our subsea equipment to suit any size project from small to large scale and easily relocated to the work site.