Subsea Works is committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees, business partners and clients. We operate under the highest standards of safety, quality and environment in order to remain incident and injury free across all projects at all times.

Health & Safety Management
Subsea Works abide by strict policies and procedures which enable a commitment to achieve the highest attainable level of occupational health and safety for our staff and clients throughout all areas of our operations. All Subsea Works operations are conducted strictly in adherence with our comprehensive diving operations manual which addresses all relevant OH&S legislation in accordance with the Australian Standard for occupational diving - AS/NZS 2299.

Quality Management
Subsea Works is committed to providing quality services, practices and workmanship throughout all of our assigned work scopes. We continually aim to not only meet the requirements of our valued clients but also exceed their expectations on every project. By thoroughly planning, resourcing, organising and monitoring continuously throughout the work processes Subsea Works completes projects effectively and efficiently every time.

Environmental Management
Subsea Works prefers to develop site specific Environmental Management Plans for each area of our operations which are then regularly monitored and updated. Rather than relying on a generic plan this approach ensures that all necessary measures are identified and implemented in order to protect the environment, minimise our operational impact and comply with all relevant and applicable environmental legislation on all projects.