Subsea Works specialise in the expertise and competence required to safely and proficiently complete a variety of underwater services and operations in all coastal, inland and marine environments.

Subsea Works have the resources and manpower to complete most underwater construction, inspection and maintenance services in almost every environment. With a highly experienced team of staff and specialised equipment we offer a comprehensive range of underwater and marine services including:

Bridge, wharf and jetty construction and demolition support

Industrial marine infrastructure construction, inspection and maintenance

Pipeline and cable installation, inspection and repair

Underwater welding and oxy-cutting operations

Subsea and surface non destructive testing

Anode installation, monitoring and replacement for structures and vessels

Pylon corrosion protection systems installation and maintenance

Vessel inspection, maintenance and repair programs

Moorings, bouys, anchors and navigational aids installation and maintenance

Commercial, corporate and private ship husbandry

Contaminated and potable water diving environments

Inland dams, weirs and reservoir structure inspection and maintenance

Seabed survey and debris removal

Marine salvage operations

Underwater video surveys and digital still photography surveys

ROV provision, piloting and inspection operations

Scientific diving and marine support services

Marine and diving support for film and documentary crews